Premiership football sports doc recommends Professor Sheen

Over the last 10 years I?ve had the opportunity to experience and observe various common surgical approaches undertaken for the Sportsman's groin, due to posterior wall defects seen in athletes. 
A couple of years ago, I was made aware of Mr Aali Sheen's approach to Sportsman's groins and invited him to present at the Liverpool FC training ground to the rest of the medical staff.  I was impressed by his understanding of the potential causes of pain in the groin and the requirements for an elite athlete to return to sport.  
It was refreshing to see his approach in the diagnosis of posterior wall defects causing a Sportsman's groin and I have consulted with Mr Aali Sheen on a number of cases of elite professional footballers that have been under my care and he was clear which players would most benefit from his surgical mesh repair.  
I was able to attend theatre in those players that required surgery, which was quick and clean with glue being used to secure the mesh in place.  
Following surgery the players were able to return home the same day and were then able to follow a graded rehabilitation programme, which was well explained by Mr Sheen.  The players were available for competitive games within 4 weeks and suffered no further problems in the year following surgery.  
I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Sheen for an opinion to decide if an athlete needs a surgical repair for a posterior wall defect.

Dr Zafar Iqbal
Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician
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