The Painted Surgeon - Book

When you’ve been decorated as a doctor by a learned society in the United States for your research on novel gene therapy for Cancer, it seems ludicrous and yet unthinkable that nine years later when you return there you are detained as a ‘suspicious’ passenger by US immigration. What cosmic upheaval changed where a medic from England went from accolade and receiver of awards to being a whisker away from possible imprisonment Perhaps nothing had changed except for an unfavourable attitude towards one of your protected characteristics?

This chronicled description explores what is meant by an unconscious bias towards someone which can lead to both their woeful treatment as well as permanently engraving in their minds unwanted negative memories. During this epic moment in his life, the surgeon scrutinises in his thoughts many historic discriminatory nuances he has suffered throughout his life. This bold and comical depiction down memory lane highlights some enigmatic, heart-wrenching, at times uplifting as well as pleasantly entertaining stories from the past four decades.

The subject matter explores what the meaning of ‘discrimination’ is, but despite this British surgeon’s ethnicity possibly instilling a subtle disadvantage towards him at home, it also underlines his deep patriotism towards his country.

This is a book that asks more questions that it answers, that you can fi nd yourself discussing for hours. It is about racial injustice and inequality, but above all about humanity and its failings.

Foreword by Amir Khan.

“A riveting read from a dedicated professional…”
Eamonn Holmes

“Telling our stories, our way, in our voice is essential. The Painted Surgeon documents the lived experiences of those that arrived upon these shores, faced and overcame challenges and achieved huge success. An honest account, authentically told.”
Baroness Warsi