Chronic Pain

Chronic abdominal pain can present in many patients. Alongside clinical evaluation by a gastroenterologist, Professor Sheen will evaluate whether you have Anterior cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome (ACNES). Investigations to exclude an organic pathology are required with such tests including a fibre optic endoscopy, certain blood tests and cross-sectional imaging (CAT scan). When the Professor Sheen is satisfied that you may have ACNES, he will subsequently evaluate you on using an 18-point score and decide whether dividing the cutaneous nerves at pinpoint locations on your abdomen will benefit you or not. The results from the literature show that 70% of patients experience a reduction in their pain score by two in three months but unfortunately, 10% relapse which means about 60% of patients generally will have some resolution of their symptoms after one year. A small percentage of patients though may experience worsening of their symptoms.

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